Friday, November 1, 2013

Recipe of the Week

What if soy just regular milk...introducing itself in Spanish???
I just love puns and cheesy jokes. I found this list the other day, and it's just so brilliant I thought I ought to share it:

But if you happen to come back to this page after being distracted by those clever puns, I'd like to share an idea from my bestest bestest friend, who is studying abroad in Thailand this semester. I got to skype her the other day, and she thought she would share some ideas for my recipe of the week. With all that amazing Thai food she is discovering over there, she must have some pretty exotic ideas, right? Well, here it is: warm soy milk.

Yep, that's it. Warm soy milk, with spices mixed in like cinnamon or vanilla. Of course in Baldwin, the soy milk is already flavored vanilla (and chocolate too!) but if they put out the cinnamon, you can certainly mix some in and heat it up in the microwave. Today was not one of those days when they put out cinnamon, however, so I tried to mix in some brown sugar. It just sank to the bottom. But I will say (today being doughnut day) that dunking a doughnut in warm soy milk and then in brown sugar is quite delicious!

Thanks Alyssa for sharing your idea!


  1. You guys are too funny. Wonder if you could make Chai soy milk?

  2. You can make Chai with soy milk. It is quite popular in coffee houses.
    Also, I guess that makes me your bestest bestest bestest friend? :P

    1. But you're not studying abroad in Thailand! However, if you have dining hall food ideas, I will take them, regardless of our friend status ;)