Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Adventure Continues

Is this real life?

Yes, yes it is.

And by real life, I mean life after graduation. The "Adult World!" Dun dun dun! Yeah, it's scary sometimes. Mama handed me an envelope from my loan company with a smile on her face and said, "Welcome to the adult world." Thanks Ma, I appreciate it.
But how is real life different from college?

Well...the lack of friends to go out and get doughnuts with at 1 in the morning is a huge downer. The serious lack of a coffee shop that can compete with McConn is a sad representation of the world. Is there seriously no coffee shop in the world that can compete with what these college kids are turning out? In my opinion, no, no there isn't.

What's even more sad is the lack of chapel services every day. Yes, I said it. I MISS CHAPEL. They always said we would. Appreciate it, they said. You'll miss it in real life, they said. I mean, have you lived in this often depressing, ridiculously crazy world? Yeah, you're gonna miss the thrice weekly encouragement from people who are witnessing God work in crazy ways.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Recipe of the Week: Where Are They??

I have a job now, so does that mean I don't have time to do a recipe of the week?

Psh! No. I have a part time job now. I had three jobs at school. And classes. And friends. And I still found time to make up new food combinations.

I mean, you've always got to have time for food, right?
Bacon Bit Chocolate Chip Cookies
But here's the catch...I am not posting my recipes on this blog.