Monday, February 23, 2015

Short Story: Loved, Part 4

As promised, because I always keep my promises. ;)

Charlie was going to stop her on her way to the cathedral. He was going to do it today. His resolve was set; there was no stopping him.
            “Tall decaf cappuccino please!” he sputtered excitedly to the clerk. This was not what Charlie normally ordered, but he was so nervous today that he forgot to order his usual.
            Charlie tapped his foot nervously while he waited for his drink. It didn’t matter what kind of drink he had, as long as he got to take that beautiful girl out to coffee after he spilled it on her. But what if she didn’t like coffee? What if she didn’t like him? Well she didn’t even know him! How unfair of her not to like him when she didn’t know him!
            “Here’s your order, sir.” The clerk put the cup on top of the counter. Charlie reached for it distractedly and knocked it all over the clerk. She jumped back and screamed.
            “Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! Can I help you? I’ll buy you another one! What can I do?” Charlie’s face burned hotter than the coffee he had spilled.
            “It’s fine, it’s fine,” she waved him away, her eyes a bit watery. She ran into the back to change her apron.
            Charlie turned and ran out of the shop without his coffee. “Sorry!” he called over his shoulder as he fled.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Short Story: Loved, Part 3

I am sorry, dear readers, that you had nothing to look forward to last Monday.

Well, perhaps you had a day off for President's Day, like I did. I spent the day driving to visit my family in NJ, and thus completely forget that it is a fabulous Monday, exactly the day I promised to publish the next part of my story.

Oh well. You now have less time to wait for the next installment! See? Positive thoughts!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Short Story: Loved, Part 2

I've decided that Monday is a good day of the week.

 A good day of the week to upload the next piece of my story, that is.

So every Monday, you now have something to look forward to! Yay Mondays!

Anyways, enough chit chat. Here is part two of my short story!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Short Story: Loved, Part 1

Hello dear readers!

I recently wrote a short story for a contest, which is a pretty good motivator to actually FINISH a story! At one point, I considered posting weekly parts of a story on this blog as a motivator to actually write it, but thought better of the idea.

However, since I have this story already written, I CAN post it on here, a little bit each week, and the only ones who will be in avid anticipation of how it ends are YOU! Ha!

Ok, well, the point is, I really like this story. It was not chosen as a winner for the contest, but I was informed that it was a finalist. :) Plus, it will give me something consistent to post, now that I have like 3 freelance jobs, a part time job, and am posting all my new crazy recipes here:

This story is a retelling of sorts of "Beauty and the Beast."
Are you intrigued?
Here we go.