Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Adventure Continues

Is this real life?

Yes, yes it is.

And by real life, I mean life after graduation. The "Adult World!" Dun dun dun! Yeah, it's scary sometimes. Mama handed me an envelope from my loan company with a smile on her face and said, "Welcome to the adult world." Thanks Ma, I appreciate it.
But how is real life different from college?

Well...the lack of friends to go out and get doughnuts with at 1 in the morning is a huge downer. The serious lack of a coffee shop that can compete with McConn is a sad representation of the world. Is there seriously no coffee shop in the world that can compete with what these college kids are turning out? In my opinion, no, no there isn't.

What's even more sad is the lack of chapel services every day. Yes, I said it. I MISS CHAPEL. They always said we would. Appreciate it, they said. You'll miss it in real life, they said. I mean, have you lived in this often depressing, ridiculously crazy world? Yeah, you're gonna miss the thrice weekly encouragement from people who are witnessing God work in crazy ways.

I want to see God work in crazy ways. I want a life like Shane Claiborne or Aletheia Schmidt. I want to be bold, step out in faith, do something dangerous, and have God show up to save me. I think.

Is that really what I want? Is that really, honestly, what I want?

I want to feel comfortable. I want to be safe. I want the process of life and learning to be behind me, so I can sit down as if after a long day's work, snuggle up with someone, and watch other people experiencing life on TV. Oh, and I want some pizza too.
That is what I want sometimes. When I am feeling lazy and uncomfortable in this world where God seems to have placed me. But that life is not satisfying. You can only take so much before you are stuffed full of pizza and never want to hear a perfectly timed sarcastic comeback again.

So forget about what I want. What does God want? He seems to have a better grasp on these things than me anyway.

God wants to call me to a place where I feel uncomfortable. Where I do not feel in control, and do not feel capable of surviving. He's already done it before, but he will do it again. He will continue to do it again and again for as long as I keep breathing on this planet. God will call me to a place of uncertainty because that is the place where God will show up.

And God will continue to do this, even though I have already gone to places of uncertainty and seen him show up. I have drawn closer to God through these times, and so I think, "That's good. We can stop now."

No. No we can't stop now, because God wants to be with me throughout my ENTIRE life. No matter how many times I have had to step out in faith, God will call me out again. And he will show up again. I know he will because he always has, because he who called me is faithful.

So let this be my real life. This world where God calls me to work at a job I don't feel qualified for. This world where God calls me to mow the lawn, even though it is quite possible that the lawn mower might explode on me.

And this world where, if I let him, God will call me out upon the waters, and his sovereign hand will be my guide. Let my trust be without borders, let my God be proven faithful, and let my relationship with him grow deeper than the deepest ocean upon which he may call me.

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