Monday, September 15, 2014

Recipe of the Week: Where Are They??

I have a job now, so does that mean I don't have time to do a recipe of the week?

Psh! No. I have a part time job now. I had three jobs at school. And classes. And friends. And I still found time to make up new food combinations.

I mean, you've always got to have time for food, right?
Bacon Bit Chocolate Chip Cookies
But here's the catch...I am not posting my recipes on this blog.

Huhhhhhh! (Big gasp).

Well where are they? you ask.

Very good question, I'm glad you asked.

Here they are:

You can find all the recipes I make posted on that link, as well as the other random articles I write on there. So check it out, and explore whatever else you can find on hubpages! Trust me, there is something for everyone.

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