Thursday, February 20, 2014

What's Up Doc? actually a really good movie. You should watch it sometime.

But really I'm here to let you know what's up. What's up is four weeks to work on senior show. Four weeks, and then it has to be done. Crazy. But here's what my concept has become: I think it is important to spend time with God. Every day. And I think that honestly, it would be so helpful to our spirits if we just took a few minutes every day to sit in God's presence, to remember who it is we worship. So I am taking pictures of landscapes, of peaceful places God has created, to try to help facilitate these moments.

So maybe I sound like a preacher, telling people to spend more time with God. Or maybe I just sound like a hypocrite; because I am. I realized yesterday, my goal is for people to keep up their spirits and their faith by remembering their God, and yet I have almost completely ignored him for the past few weeks. Life just gets so busy and so crazy and there are so many things coming at you from every single direction, you end up not wanting to care about anything. It's miserable and magical. But actually just miserable. Even if you are 22.

So today, I finally started working on printing for my show. And the first test that I made didn't come out at all. Naturally I freak out. And then I remember what I'm doing. I'm taking time to focus on God. Even in my printing process, I can be patient and calmly focus on him. So I did. I took some time to praise him and remember that he is greater than all of this earth and our ridiculous lives we try to keep so busy so that we can avoid really living. And once I got up again to start printing, I realized my rather silly mistake and was able to make a real print.

Why is it so hard for us to spend time with God every day? Especially when we feel more burdened down and depressed, wouldn't that be the best time to turn to God? What I want people to experience through my show is the peace of God that transcends all understanding, that can touch their lives when they are at their busiest, hardest point. And they will know that peace and joy are possible, even in those crazy miserable and magical moments. Maybe they really will feel magical.

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  1. It is difficult to spend time with God because of the power in it. I truly believe that the activity of Satan is to block that time because of how powerful and potent it is. I once asked my husband why it was so easy for me to pick up Newsweek (which no longer exists in print) and yet so difficult to get myself to read the Alliance Life (our denominational magazine). He answered, "Because it would probably help you." Same principle. The more we exercise the muscle of spending time with God though, the stronger that muscle gets. That does help in the battle.