Thursday, February 6, 2014

Recipe of the Week

I love pancakes. IHOP is, consequently, my favorite restaurant. There is a ridiculous amount of recipes you can make by just mixing whatever the heck you want into pancake batter. And then the toppings. Oh the toppings! This is why you go to IHOP. Pancakes stuffed and smothered with cinnamon, butter, and icing. And whipped cream. Mmm! Healthy.

But there is one choice on the IHOP breakfast menu that stands apart from all the goodness-filled pancakes. Chicken and Waffles. An odd but perfectly edible combination of food.

And since Baldwin is equipped with a waffle iron, in which you are not allowed to mix extra chocolate chips and delicious things, the next best choice is to cover your waffle in ranch and barbeque sauce!
So, make a waffle on the iron, and then locate the chicken. The type of chicken depends on the day (or if you're at home, what's in your fridge). One can always find chicken on the rotisserie line, but today they had chicken patties on the grill. This works best with fried chicken, because it lends to that unhealthy taste that college kids love. I cut the chicken patty into four strips to top my waffle, and drizzled barbeque sauce, ranch dressing, and syrup over the whole menagerie.

And you know what? It was good! Even the two other brave souls who tried some of it agreed, chicken and waffles is a combination that is worth trying. One of them approved of my new idea of nixing the barbeque and ranch and trying it with honey, so next time, I will have warm waffles covered with chicken and honey! Charlee always eats hers with tabasco sauce. With the different sauces you can try, there is no end to the combinations of chicken and waffles that you can make! Enjoy!

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