Saturday, July 4, 2015

Reminiscing On My Senior Show

Slightly more than a year ago, some of you may recall a post with some pictures and poems from my senior art show at IWU!

Opening reception of my senior show!

I have some terribly exciting news regarding said photographs, which are palladium platinum prints. Palladium is a very old method of developing photos; they are incredibly expensive, time consuming, and beautiful. They also need to be properly framed, which brings me to my next order of business.

My Palladium Platinum photos in their new homes!

Mama helped me buy new (BIGGER) frames, glass, and double mats, to proudly display my work the way it deserves! Man, they look SOOOO good in person! Come visit me and see!

But seeing my work like this reminds me to think about what the original purpose of my artwork was. These 5 pictures are meant to create a sanctuary: a space where the demands of time fade away, worries are irrelevant, and we simply sit in God's presence.

They remind us of the journey that we are continuously along, from the mountaintop to the valley. Mountaintop, overjoyed experiences will come; inevitably dark, depressing times will follow. But if we DO take that time to just sit in God's presence, those times DO NOT have to wear on us. God will lead us through.

So I invite you--come sit. Be still. And bask in the presence of the God of the Universe.

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