Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Recipe of the Week

There's no college dining hall recipe this week, because I am home on spring break! Woohoo! So, in honor of being home, I have a brand new pancake recipe, completely from my own mind! Scary. But delicious. Here it is:

Chocolate Cheesecake Pancakes.


I had a package of cream cheese I was going to bake biscuits with, but I decided I wanted to try it in pancakes instead. I only used half of the package for this, so there is enough left to try something else. But here is the pancake recipe. It is just the basic recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook (at least as it was 30 years ago when my mama got married and got her cookbook).
1 egg
1 cup flour
3/4 cup milk
1 tbs sugar
2 tbs oil
3 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Mix it all up, and then add my ingredients.

4 oz cream cheese
1 package hot chocolate mix
A few crumbled chocolate chip cookies

Yes this is how college students make up recipes, because we do not own all of the proper ingredients like cocoa, chocolate chips and graham crackers. Hot chocolate mix works very well to add the chocolate flavor to my pancakes. But graham crackers are usually added to cheesecake type things to give the aura of a crust, and I thought those would be a nice touch. I am too impatient to wait until we get graham crackers though, but I had a brilliant idea to replace them. Why not cookie crumbs? And since we didn't have any chocolate chips (which are almost absolutely necessary for sugary pancakes) crumbling up chocolate chip cookies also added a few of those! Like I said, brilliant!

The cream cheese should probably have been sitting out a while to get softer so it was easy to mix in, but I think it worked out well having chunks of it in the mix. That way, it doesn't all melt into the batter, but when you bite into your pancakes, surprise! There's cheesecake inside! I was quite pleased with the results, and I hope you will be too. The only problem was they got a little cold while I was too busy taking pictures!

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