Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome to the Show

For the past semester I've been researching and brainstorming ideas for a concept for my senior exhibit this coming April. I was trying to conceptualize a brilliant idea that would leave my audience thinking, "Whoah! Now she's brilliant!" Mmm...yeah, that's not exactly giving God the glory, which as his creation, is my goal.

I wasn't too worried, I have the next three months to work on it. But just for fun, I decided to take a mini road trip up to Niagara Falls so I could print pictures of it in Palladium. And then I thought maybe I could visit my friend in Colorado and print some mountain pictures in Palladium. They would be gorgeous! So gorgeous that people should see them. And it hit me, why not do my senior show in Palladium?

I don't know exactly how it will turn out at the end of the semester, but I do know that this is what God wants me to do. And I am quite sure of that because of how he has taken care of us on our adventures to get these pictures.
Niagara Falls
First, to go to Niagara, I didn't want to go by myself and it worked out that my friend and her fiance` who drove us, both had the same day off of work, which was also a day I was free to go and the roads were perfectly clear!
Blackwater Falls
Secondly, on the way home from visiting my sister for Christmas, I convinced my parents to drive an hour and a half off the highway to get to Blackwater Falls in WV. Unfortunately, the road that we took wasn't even the main road we were supposed to take. For an hour we drove around and around a mountain, climbing the entire time. When we finally reached the falls, we found that the boardwalk was closed! But I was not about to drive around a mountain for an hour to not get a picture, so I tuned into my inner rebellious nature and climbed under the "Do Not Cross" sign. I didn't go all the way down, though, because my mom was a little worried about me.
Letchworth State Park

My most successful venture was to Letchworth State Park, the Grand Canyon of the East, which is only a couple of hours away from me, yet I have never been there! It was gorgeous, and even though the roads were supposed to be covered in snow and the temperature was supposed to be like 7 degrees, the weather was beautiful, the sun came out for a while, and I was hot in my penguin hat and boots! God has truly got his hand on me and my adventuring after scenes of his glorious creation. I can't wait to see how these turn out when I print them as Palladiums!


  1. Palladium Platinum is an old school printing method: